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Equal Saree

Equal Saree promotes the use of architecture and urbanism as tools for social change, providing with a gender perspective more appropriate enviromnements for the development of women and of the Indian comunities.
In India, according to the Constitution, women have the same rights as men, but in reality they have limited access to economic resources, property and education, and their individual freedom is therefore restricted. Women need empower with economical and psicological means so that they can live with equal oportunities. Equal Saree, is created with the understanding of empowerment as a process in which women can take control of their lives by reinforceing their self-esteem, replacing dependency with independency, replacing margination with participation, and insecurity with decision making.

Equal Saree proposes the concept of gender urbanism with the will of redefining the objectives of conventional urbanism to solve the real needs of society, in all the situation that involve both women and men. We believe that the city must be a shared space and that it must facilitate the incorporation of women to the public scene and to society. We work to build a way of oportunities, more fair and more free.