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Mining for Development belongs to the School of Engineering of Manresa (EPSEM) with the aim to improve the labor conditions of people that work in mining all over the world.

The association bases its work in volunteers, and professionals from different disciplines take part in the project (Technical mines engineers, geologist, hydrologist, geographer, environmental scientist, etc.). All people that can bring their knowledge in order to share it through projects and activities that are developed, is welcome. Basically students and former students from EPSEM integrate this association as well as professors from the same University, two of whom are part of the executive committee.
Our members are basically from
Catalonia although we also have some in Colombia, Morocco and Angola. In MPD we believe that it is possible to work on mining from a more human and environmentally friendly perspective, than what is being done at the present moment in a lot of places in the world. From our NGO we would like to help improving, as much as possible, by the necessary technical knowledge transfer, for the mining labors, in all the places that they ask for it.

The association carries out formation activities and activities to raise awareness linked with its cooperation activities.


Contact us


Av. Bases de Manresa 61-73

08240, Manresa

Tel. 93 877 72 00

Fax. 93 877 72 02