Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture


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ECTS credits: 180
Taught at
: Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering, ESAB (Castelldefels) and Barcelona School of Architecture, ETSAB (Barcelona)

By taking this bachelor's degree you will acquire the scientific and technological knowledge to plan and design landscapes and open spaces for projects (parks, schools, institutions, outdoor spaces, etc.) and plan and control their construction, maintenance and rehabilitation. You will work on projects and studies dealing with urban spaces, the integration of infrastructure and facilities in the landscape, the restoration/rehabilitation of ecosystems and natural heritage, and landscape planning and management.

The bachelor's degree is taught at the Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering (ESAB) and the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB).

Professional opportunities

Graduates of the bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture are employed in the following areas:

  • Design and studies of urban public spaces.
  • Integration of infrastructure and facilities in the landscape.
  • Restoration/rehabilitation of ecosystems and natural heritage.
  • Landscape planning and management.