11th Workshop on 

    Requirements Engineering 

WER 2008 

                                                                                     September 12-13, 2008   

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain  





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Invited Speaker

Prof. Roel Wieringa
Title: Business-IT Alignment in Value Webs
Value webs are constellations of profit-and-loss responsible actors thathave independent decision-making authority and that have decided to cooperate for a specific purpose. To the extent that the actors are independent, they each decide independently whether to participate in the network, and because they are profit-and loss responsible, this decision will be based on economic sustainability of the participation. This sustainability depends on the balance between the costs and benefits of participating. The costs are generated by the coordination process and IT infrastructure required to participate; the benefits materialize in the form of commercial transactions enabled by the participation. In this talk I summarize results of recent research into conceptual modeling techniques to design economically sustainable IT-enabled value webs.

Roel Wieringa is Chair of Information Systems at the the University of Twente, the Netherlands. His research interests include value-based requirements engineering, business process modeling, conceptual modeling, and research methodologoy for requirements engineering. He is scientific director of the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS), that provides advanced education to all Dutch Ph.D. students in information and knowledge systems. He has written two books, Requirements Engineering: Frameworks for Understanding (Wiley, 1996) and Design Methods for Reactive Systems: Yourdon, Statemate and the UML (Morgan Kaufmann, 2003). He has been Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Software for the area of requirements engineering. He serves on the board of editors of the Requirements Engineering Journal and of the Journal of Software and Systems Modeling. Find more information at http://www.cs.utwente.nl/~roelw.