11th Workshop on 

    Requirements Engineering 

WER 2008 

                                                                                     September 12-13, 2008   

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain  





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The conference will be held at the Barceló Sants Hotel located just on top of the central train station Sants Estació in Barcelona with direct connection to the Barcelona International Airport.

How to reach Barcelona

By plane. Barcelona airport is served by all major airlines including some low-cost. The ride from the airport to the centre of the city can be done by train (every half hour, 2,50 €), with the Aerobus (3,90 €) or by Taxi (25 euros approx.). It is also possible to reach Barcelona through the Girona/Costa Brava and Reus airports. These airports are widely used by low-cost airlines and, as they are close to Barcelona, they offer a bus service to the capital.

By car. Barcelona is located 166 kilometres from the French border and 120 kilometres south of the Pyrenees, so it is possible to reach the city by car. From France, you may reach Barcelona driving along the A9/E15 highway to the Spanish Border. From the French border you may estimate a two-hour ride in the AP7/E15.

By train. There are some international connections to France, Italy and Switzerland. Mostly served by night trains to Paris, Torino/ Milano and Geneve/Bern/Zurich. There are daily trains to Montpellier as well.

By ferry. Most of the ferries departing from Barcelona serve the Balearic Islands. However, there are daily services to Genova and Civitavecchia (Rome), and every two days to Livorno in Italy. There is one weekly ferry to Tanger in Morocco.

Planning your journey

Nowadays, Barcelona is one of the most visited European cities. The reason: its monuments, museums and architecture, for which it has been declared part of the world heritage by UNESCO. For more information about Barcelona and the city offers, you may visit:

Barcelona Fotos

Here you can find some pictures of Barcelona