UPC master's degree or interuniversity master's degree coordinated by the UPC
To enrol in a UPC master's degree course or an interuniversity master's degree course coordinated by the UPC, you must use the pre-enrolment application for master's degree courses:


Pre-enrolment and enrolment periods. See the UPC academic calendar and each master's degree file. 

  • To register for the application, enter a valid e-mail address as your username.
  • You will be sent a password to log into the application. Log in and enter your personal and academic details and upload the required documentation.
  • Once you have entered the details and uploaded the documents, submit the online application form for administrative and academic review. You will be able to check the status of your application throughout the admissions process (see: Application status open link in a new window; in the FAQs for the pre-enrolment application).
  • Students must pay a pre-enrolment fee of €30. The price applies to each pre-enrolment for a master's degree course run by the UPC. Students who pre-enrol for more than one course must pay a €30 pre-enrolment fee for each course. These fees are non-refundable.
  • You may make changes to your application until the deadline for pre-enrolment by entering your username (valid e-mail address) and the assigned password.
  • If you would like to pre-enrol in more than one master's degree course, you do not need to re-enter the details you have already provided.
  • Successful applicants must ACCEPT the place in the pre-enrolment application and pay €300 Open link in a new window following the instructions given in the form they will have received by e-mail. This amount will be deducted from the enrolment fee when you officially enrol, but if you do not enrol you will not be entitled to a refund unless the master’s degree is cancelled.
  • Use the relevant section of the pre-enrolment application form to explain what documents you are providing (official degree, etc.) as proof of your eligibility to enrol in the master's degree course. You may also upload these documents as attachments.
  • On the established decision date, you will receive an e-mail informing you of whether or not you have been admitted to the master's degree course. You can view the decision in the pre-enrolment application. Final admission to the programme will be subject to confirmation of the academic details provided.
  • Students from non-EU member countries can use the letter of admission to begin to apply for the visa they will need to complete the master's degree course in Spain.

Interuniversity master's degree coordinated by a university other than the UPC
To enrol in an interuniversity master's degree coordinated by a university other than the UPC, you must pre-enrol at the coordinating university. The address will be given in the programme's course description.

Master's degree in Secondary and Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Foreign Language Teaching
The pre-enrolment process is handled by the Catalan University Admissions Advisory Office, which processes online admission to master's degree courses for diploma and degree holders, ensuring the principles of publicity, equality, merit and ability. Open link in a new window

Places will be assigned on the basis of candidates' university entrance mark, i.e. the average mark for their academic record, regardless of the date on the record for the university course qualifying them to apply.

The average mark for the academic record will be calculated pursuant to the terms of Royal Decree 1892/2008, of 14 November, which amends Royal Decree 1267/1994, of 10 June, regulating the conditions for entry to official university bachelor's degree courses and the admissions procedures for Spanish public universities (Art. 55, f), and the Resolution of the Student Affairs and Admissions Committee of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia of 15 March 2011.

For master's degree courses in mathematics, the following additional weightings will be used:
degree in mathematics or physics: +4 points
engineering degree or degree in informatics: +3 points
architecture degree or degree in statistics: +2 points
degree in business administration and management, economics or business: +1 point.

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