Presentation, mission and objectives


Parc UPC, the Science and Technology Park of the UPC, is a highly concentrated knowledge and technology centre whose mission is to return value to society and promote better quality of life.
Parc UPC provides facilities, technological infrastructures and value-added services, all aimed at fostering synergies between research stakeholders and companies and ultimately designed to ensure successful projects and enterprises.

Parc UPC's mission:

- To coordinate its actions with the Board of Trustees to become a socioeconomic catalyst between the UPC, government bodies and businesses.
- To underpin the UPC’s commitment to society by fostering research, innovation, results transfer and technological progress.

Parc UPC's objectives:

- To increase the wealth of its community by promoting innovation and a competitive spirit among knowledge-generating companies and institutions located at or associated with Parc UPC.
- To foster and facilitate research.
- To foster the dissemination of knowledge.
- To facilitate contact between universities and the private sector and the transfer of university research results to society.
- To create technologically innovative companies.


Parc UPC is the unit of UPC aimed to facilitate knowledge transfer and the development of innovation ecosystems by making facilities and value-added services available to technology-based companies, organisations and initiatives.

Parc UPC Foundation team is made up of the following members:

Elisabeth Jordà
Maria Ortis
Head of Finance
Mireia Chia
Finance Division
Elisabet Romero
Head of User Services
María Eugenia Martín
Internal Services
José Luís Grande
Head of Business Development

Contractor profile

According with Spanish regulations CIT UPC informs within this site about its internal contracting rules. (Available in catalan)

Parc UPC’s Internal Instructions on Contracting

Reporting Transparency

Relevant information provided to guarantee transparency and accountability in the activity conducted by Parc UPC, related to the performance and control of public institutions’ activity.



Knowledge fields

Information and communication technologies (ICTs)
Biomedical Engineering
Nautical and Marine Sciences and Marine Technologies
Materials, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering

Electronic Engineering and Instrumentation
Bioengineering and Food Engineering
Biotechnological Engineering
Environmental and Landscape Engineering
Aeronautical and Space Engineering
Photonic technologies
Vision Science
Geoinformation and Remote Sensing Technologies


Parc UPC has over 100,000 sq m of buildings and 334,000 sq m of grounds distributed between six regional hubs located in Catalonia: Barcelona, Castelldefels, Terrassa, Viladecans, Vilanova i la Geltrú and Manresa.
Parc UPC is home to numerous reputable Technology-Based Companies, Research Centres and Institutes and University-Industry Projects that operate within the framework of a technological university (UPC - BarcelonaTech) that provides entrepreneurship and business development services and support.

Parc UPC, facilities that add value:
- 50,000 sq m of office space and facilities
- 10 hectares of agricultural land
- 48,000 sq m of buildable plots
- Greenhouses
-  Fab-Labs

UPC, leading university in Innovation
and Technology Transfer:
- 11 Campuses
- 23 Schools and Faculties
- 183 Research Groups
- 23 Research Centres and Institutes
- 506 University-Industry contracts
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For both company’s incubation phase
and subsequent business development:
- Project development facilities
- Incubation facilities
- Business development facilities

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