Aerotelecom Forum at Parc UPC - RDIT


The Aerotelecom Forum is an open congress conceived as a bridge between university talent and the successful markets of aeronautics and telecommunications.

Organized by students on the School on Telecommunication and Aerospace Engineering (EETAC), it creates an annual meeting point to make it easy for leading companies to broadcast themselves upon the universitary community or to meet other talented companies on the sector.

On the other hand, students can take advantage of a unique opportunity to meet the most representative companies on the sector personally, exchanging points of view and showing them their projects or personal background.fb1

To facilitate this reference annual meeting, Parc UPC and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya offer their best infrastructures located in the Mediterranean Technology Park.

The RDIT Building, which is a reference place for innovation and research, will host the Aerotelecom Forum on 16th May, 2013.

Several activities such as conferences, roundtables and workshops are organized for both companies and students to promote their projects and activities.

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