Real estate and occupancy services

"Its proximity to the UPC university facilitates and ensures the success of collaborative research projects." URBIOTICA
  • Suitable facilities and premises for business growth and technology development. Business incubators and nurseries. Office, laboratory, workshop and storage areas. Fab Labs. Co-working spaces.
  • Membership: For users which, for reasons of size, no longer remain at Parc UPC, but wish to remain associated with the community and the brand.
  • ICT services with powerful voice and data networks and facilities for communication racks.
  • Provision of common services.
  • Security and accessibility: 24/7 magnetic card access and security service. Car park. Electric car charging points. Passenger and service lifts.
  • Promotion and management of the facilities underpinning implementation of Parc UPC’s mission in the different Parc UPC regional hubs.
  • Common areas: unlimited access and use of all meeting rooms at Parc UPC hubs, subject to availability. Conference rooms, meeting corners, etc. To reserve a room, register as a user and access the application:
    Register as a user
    Reserve a room



Business development and innovation services

"Parc UPC has an excellent infrastructure and first-rate technology support service, surpassed only by the professionals that provide support at K2M: a young and dynamic team focused on providing an excellent service.” DINUBE
  • Promoting research and innovation related to socioeconomic needs.
  • Strengthening cooperation in the research and innovation system between government bodies, companies, universities, research centres and interface organisations.
  • Provision of an attractive environment designed to detect synergies for research and knowledge generating centres at Parc UPC.
  • Enhanced visibility for Parc UPC members through the distribution of online newsletters via networks such as APTE and XPCAT, the dissemination of sector and industry news, the organisation of institutional visits and the building of technological bridges.
  • Networking seminars: KF K2M.
  • Support for the creation of technology-based companies, for business growth and consolidation and for entrepreneurship: Innova programme.
  • Assistance in seeking public funding (via grants and calls) and private funding, networks of business contacts, business training, legal, tax and accounting advice, etc.
  • Intellectual and industrial property rights’ protection: Patents and Licences Office.
  • Technology offers:
  • Access to the UPC’s technical and scientific infrastructure and equipment: Scientific and Technological Website.
  • Technical and fiscal accreditation of technological research, development and innovation (R&D&IT) activities. Information and advice on R&D&IT projects.
  • R&D project development through university or mixed research groups: Technology Transfer Centre (CTT).
  • Talent adquisition: Job bank, work placements and theses. UPC Alumni:
  • We play a part in the UPC’s research and innovation strategy: Business, innovation and research
  • Possibility of cooperation with TECNIO network centres: CIT UPC
  • Access to UPC knowledge: UPC Commons
  • “Open repository of UPC scientific and technical educational and research output”
    “Scientific papers produced by the UPC research community”:

Support services

"A privileged interaction space for research institutes and companies." HYDS
  • Specific personal giving support to Parc UPC’s users.
  • Services of:
    – Canteens
    – Accomodation: hall of residence
    – Sports facilities
    – UPC libraries
  • Discounts from suppliers, including on software and hardware supplies from National Instruments through an agreement between Parc UPC and National Instruments, under a programme called NI-PI which provides support to start-ups. Collaboration with Amazon Web Services.