Laboratories and research centres

A network of core research facilities that play a prominent role in innovation and development, and turn ideas into reality.

The basic and applied research that is conducted at the schools and laboratories of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) puts us at the forefront of innovation, research and technological development. These projects position the UPC as a world leader in many scientific fields.

This activity is structured as follows:

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The aim of the research groups is to organise research into teams and to transfer their results to society. Some are specific research centres (CER)Open link in a new window whose main aim is to meet the demands of external public or private entities in specific research fields; others belong to the TECNIO network of support centres for technological innovation.Open link in a new window

Associated research bodies

Research centres partially owned by the UPC that have an independent legal status and were created in collaboration with other public and private institutions.



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Young researchers

young researchers
Miquel Estrada was awarded a bachelor's degree and a doctoral degree in Civil Engineering by the UPC. As a researcher at the Centre for Innovation in Transportopen link in a new window, he is working on an algorithm for optimising product distribution by courier companies.

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