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La Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), a leader in research and technology transfer, offers innovation, talent and technology to companies. The UPC has a recognised track record in national and international industrial research, and its knowledge drives the growth of businesses.

UPC Solutions for business

We help business projects to grow. We offer the expertise of our researchers to set up or collaborate on new research, development and technological innovation projects. We provide tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of companies.

Technology and innovation

Design and development of tailor-made technological innovation solutions, consultancy and integral management of agreements and contracts.

Our expertise

The expertise gained by UPC researchers and research groups throughout their careers.

Patents and licences

We offer the market new and patented technologies.

Company chairs

Company chairs establish stable links between universities and companies through the sponsoring of strategic training, dissemination, innovation and technology transfer projects that are of mutual interest

Infrastructure, equipment and services

We facilitate companies’ research activity by providing a network of cutting-edge spaces, laboratories and equipment and promote new synergies between companies and the University.

Scientific and technical equipment and services

Access to scientific and technical equipment and high-tech services for companies.

Scientific and Technical Portal (PCT)

UPC multipurpose spaces

Access to the University's facilities for holding specific events.

Value-added spaces

Spaces that facilitate business development and the detection of technological opportunities.

Talent recruitment

We promote the incorporation of the best future professionals in your business project from among undergraduate and doctoral students on work placement and graduates.

Trainee research staff

We promote the involvement of research staff and doctoral students in setting up and carrying out research projects in companies.

Graduates and students on work placement

We help companies to find UPC graduates and promote the incorporation of students on work placement.


We offer university and lifelong training programmes and pathways adapted to the needs of professionals.

Master's degrees and doctoral programmes

We offer master's degrees, doctoral programmes and professional-track master's degrees and postgraduate courses.

Tailor-made training

Training programmes for professionals linked to companies' business strategies.

Sponsorship and patronage

Organisations, institutions and companies associate with the UPC through the Social Outreach, Sponsorship and Patronage Programme to create long-term ties and contribute to local social and economic progress. At our university we create knowledge to help society move forward through innovative initiatives.

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