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One-year degree program offered by UPC-Barcelona Tech will include over six months of work placement at nuclear installations, with lectures delivered entirely in English

Endesa and UPC-Barcelona Tech launch Spain’s first official master’s degree in nuclear engineering

The official university master’s degree meets all European Higher Education Area training requirements and consists of approximately 600 class hours.

Today UPC-Barcelona Tech rector Antoni Giró and Endesa CEO Andrea Brentan signed a collaboration agreement to launch the first specialized master’s degree in nuclear engineering to be offered in Spain.

The one-year master’s program has an international orientation and includes over six months of work placement at nuclear installations. Classes will be taught at UPC-Barcelona Tech’s Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering (ETSEIB). The program, which will be taught entirely in English, is aimed primarily at individuals who have recently earned a technical diploma in the sciences (physics, chemistry, or mathematics).

The official university master’s program meets all European Higher Education Area training requirements and therefore leads to an official degree. It consists of approximately 600 class hours, and students earn 90 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

The program will include visits to the nearby Ascó and Vandellós nuclear power plants (95% owned by Endesa), and to other European nuclear plants and energy facilities. There are also plans to offer a series of conferences on nuclear energy, with the participation of prominent European speakers, and to contact other European universities that offer training in nuclear engineering with a view to establishing bilateral student mobility agreements.

UPC-Barcelona Tech
UPC-Barcelona Tech is a public institution for research and higher education that specializes in engineering, architecture, and the sciences.

Energy is one of the priority fields in which UPC-Barcelona Tech provides training, conducts research, and facilitates the transfer of knowledge to society. UPC-Barcelona Tech’s activity in this area has led the Ministry of Education to recognize its Energy Campus project as a Campus of International Excellence. The Energy Campus provides a framework for initiatives aimed at transforming Spain’s energy scenario by focusing on innovation, knowledge, and sustainability.

Endesa Energy School
The master’s program is an initiative of the Endesa Energy School, which is pursuing a number of similar projects in other areas. These include a Master’s Degree in Electrical Technology—a program that is unique in Europe and has now been running for five years—organized together with Comillas Pontifical University (ICAI), with the collaboration and academic support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Seville, and the University of Zaragoza.

The Endesa Energy School is an Endesa project aimed at managing the company's intellectual capital and giving a new focus to the handling of its intangible assets. Given the importance of strengthening and managing human capital, producing qualified graduates who are able to meet the growing demand for skilled personnel in the electricity sector has become a valuable means of attracting talent for Endesa. A high proportion of graduates from outside the company have ended up joining Endesa.

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