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In 2009, in the Spanish Ministry of Education's first round of International Campus of Excellence designations, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech (UPC), together with the University of Barcelona (UB), was granted the recognition for the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC) project.

In the 2010 call, the University strengthened its position as an International Campus of Excellence with the UPC Energy Campus project. These two knowledge ecosystems are aimed at promoting employability, social cohesion and regional economic development. By interacting with research centres, science and technology parks, companies and other agents, the UPC is seeking to become a hub that attracts talent and resources: students, researchers and scientific facilities.

UPC Energy Campus. Energy for excellence

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The UPC is a leading campus in the transformation of the energy system—an internationally recognised campus with a local impact, where people, knowledge, innovation and education all help move us towards a sustainable economy based on the transformation of the energy sector.

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Energy efficiency, nuclear fission and fusion, intelligent energy (smart grid) and renewable energies are the four strategic areas the project focuses on.

Urban space

New urban space on the UPC's Diagonal Besòs Campus, with 30,000 m2 of space devoted to energy research.
A campus that's a model for energy efficiency.


Support for small and medium-sized enterprises on international R&D projects related to solar and thermal energy, wind power, biomass and fuel cells.


New doctoral programmes in the energy field, offered in partnership with KIC InnoEnergy. Scholarship programmes to attract new doctoral students, and implementation of educational programmes that focus on energy and entrepreneurship.

Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC). Entrenching excellence

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The BKC has become the main driver of scientific, social and business activity in its immediate environment and a magnet for attracting international talent. Two leading universities working together on a strategic project to transform their environment through innovation and sustainable development.

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Architecture, biotechnology, civil and industrial engineering, computer science and telecommunications are the educational and research fields the Campus focuses on.


A driver of scientific, social and business activity in the environs of the Diagonal Knowledge Gateway. One of the most active and powerful poles in the south of Europe, with a high concentration of academic, scientific and technological resources.


A 227-ha site that's home to 16 schools, 90 departments, 15 libraries, 2 science and technology parks, and specialised support centres.


A growing knowledge network, where each day 42,000 students pursue studies within the framework of the 53 bachelor's degree courses, 119 master's degrees, and 59 doctoral courses delivered on the Campus that have received quality awards from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

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