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This publication is intended to offer an insight into our institution, the results we achieve with the resources allocated to us by society, and the main actions we carry out each academic year. As you explore its pages, you'll find detailed information on our recent activity. You can also find out about projects that received EU funding. First, on this page, we present the key indicators.

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An insight into the values we're committed to, the challenges we're tackling, the objectives we pursue, and the results we achieve—as reflected in the actions carried out over one academic year.

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An annual publication that presents budgetary objectives linked to programmes, funding and cost containment.

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Main indicators for the 2015-2016 academic year


University community


25,070 bachelor's, first- and second-cycle students
3,832 master's degree students
2,322 doctoral degree students
3,047 lifelong learning students
4,325 students participating in educational cooperation agreements with companies
2,726 students in international mobility programmes
6,522 graduates of first- and second-cycle and master's degrees (2014-2015)
351 doctoral theses defended


3,015 teaching and research staff members
1,832 administrative and service staff members

49,402 UPC Alumni members

UPC Budget for 2016 

Turnover for R&D projects (2016)

63 bachelor's degrees (2016-2017)
70 master's programmes (2016-2017) (7 Erasmus Mundus and 23 taught in English)
49 doctoral programmes (2016-2017)
186 continuing education programmes (UPC-specific master's degrees and postgraduate courses)

979 new agreements and research projects
2,277 articles published in scientific journals
47 patents

2,494 companies and other entities that have signed collaboration agreements with the UPC
17 companies created (Innova programm)
12 company chairs and classrooms
808 pieces of science and technology equipment and services for companies 

Scientific and technical awards received

Campuses and schools
21 schools in Catalan cities

Departments, institutes and research centres
205 research groups
18 specific research centres
11 TECNIO network research centres
16 associated research centres

International outreach
34 international double-degree agreements with 62 universities
international networks with the UPC as a member
4 UNESCO chairs

60 development cooperation projects
19 NGOs and development cooperation projects

Study areas

  • Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction
  • Applied Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Environment, Sustainability and Natural Resources
  • Information and Communication Technologies

More information on courses

Fields of research

  • Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction
  • Sciences
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technologies

More information on research

Main sponsors

  • Distinguished sponsorships
    Obra Social "la Caixa"
    Fundación Cellex

Other sponsoring and collaborating companies and bodies
through the UPC 21 Programme Open link in a new window


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