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Department of Hydraulic, Maritime and Environmental Engineering (EHMA)

Director Joan García Serrano
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Phone 93 401 64 70
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The Department of Hydraulic, Maritime and Environmental Engineering runs several emblematic research facilities, such as the CIEM large-scale wave flume, which measures 100 metres in length, 3 in width and 5 in depth. It also runs a laboratory of small-scale models for river engineering and hydraulic works that covers an area of 2,000 square metres, and the Environmental Engineering Laboratory, which specialises in the purification and recycling of waste water.

It also has three accredited research groups: FLUMEN, devoted to fluvial dynamics and hydrologic engineering; LIM, dedicated to maritime engineering; and GEMMA, specialised in sanitary and environmental engineering. In addition, the Department has a research group that is dedicated to sediment transport (GITS), which has been officially recognised by the Catalan government as an emergent group. It works in close cooperation with other research groups, particularly the International Centre for Coastal Resources Research (CIIRC).

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