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Department of Mechanical Engineering (EM)

Director Jordi Romeu Garbí
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Phone 93 401 65 76
E-mail director.em@(upc.edu)
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The Department of Mechanical Engineering actively participates in technology transfer through collaboration agreements with public and private organisations. It has been involved in machine design projects, some of which have resulted in patents, and it acts as a consultant in the construction of machines. The UPC’s Board of Trustees awarded the Department the First Technology Transfer Prize for its SRIC project, a vehicle designed for inspecting and repairing pipelines.

In addition, it has secured several ALFA projects in the field of vibro-acoustics. It also runs research facilities that include three laboratories at the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Metrology and Vibrations Laboratory and Machine Theory Laboratory); another at the School of Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering of Terrassa (Acoustic and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory); and the Industrial Equipment Design Centre (CDEI) at the Technology Park of Barcelona.

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