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Department of Textile and Paper Engineering (DETIP)

Director Teresa Vidal Llucia
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Phone 93 739 81 86
E-mail mcalvet@etp.(upc.edu)
Website http://www.detip.upc.edu/ Obre en finestra nova
Researchers at the Department of Textile and Paper Engineering take an active part in several national and international textile and paper research projects (EURATEX, MedTex, IPCC-BAT’s, the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Union, COST, TEMPUS, the Interministerial Science and Technology Commission, etc.).

It has ample experience in conducting studies, analyses and reports relating to the textile and paper sector, for which it has six laboratories and workshops equipped to perform colorimetry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, photomicroscopy, irregularity testing of mass and tailorability, high performance dynamometry and electronic microscopy, and pilot plants for spinning, weaving and industrial manufacturing. It also has several computer-aided design (CAD) systems for spinning, weaving and pattern making. In the area of paper, it has five laboratories equipped with an oxygen reactor, an ozone generator, a zetametre, an Elrepho and a climatic chamber.

The Department is related to the following Doctoral Programs

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