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Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering (ETSEIB)

Director M. Nieves Consul Porras
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Phone 93 401 66 15
E-mail escola.etseib@(upc.edu)
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Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering

The Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering is an institution dating back over 150 years and has a longstanding presence in the university, industrial and social spheres of Catalonia. The School has a strong reputation for training competent professionals in the fields of industrial engineering, chemical engineering, industrial organisation, materials engineering, biomedical engineering, logistics and design.

The School’s facilities consist of a large number of teaching and research laboratories, research centres, a library with over 300 study points and 8 computer rooms. Some 300 students participate in international exchange programmes every year (some 60% of graduates) and there are over 800 educational cooperation agreements in place.

The School’s students’ associations provide a channel for participation in university life and generate a significant number of activities related to music, film, theatre, photography, sustainability and international cooperation.

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