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Become Active!

How can I get involved?

Cooperation projects

Most of the development cooperation activities at UPC are designed, prepared and executed by groups of students, professors and staff. The CCD supports them in differents ways. For instance, the CCD provides economical resources through an anual Call for funding, but it also provides help in the communication issues, improving networking and other issues that ensure the maximum impact of the actions.

0'7% Campaign

The support given to projects on the Call for funding is possible partly thanks to the voluntary contributions of the members of the UPC on the 0'7% Campaign. Students can make their contribution when they register at the UPC degrees or courses, and staff and teachers can join by donating 0'7% of their wages (or any other amount they decide). 

Cooperation groups

You can also get involved by joining some of the cooperation groups of the UPC. In most of the Schools there are groups of students, professors and staff. They organize events, activities, workshops and other activities in the schools and centers of the UPC and they also prepare and execute cooperation projects in the South.

More information

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