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The 0,7% Campaign

What is the 0,7% Campaign?

The 0,7% campaign is carried out without interruption since 1995, when it was set up as a consequence of the decision of the governing council of investing the 0,7% of the annual incomes of the UPC for the execution of cooperation actions in developing countries, through the programmes and projects that the CCD manages.


During these years, the institutional compromise of the governing council and some other organizational units such as the center of Technology Transfer of the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya, the educational cooperation agreement and Editions UPC, have been key actors for the consolidation, expansion and improvement of the university cooperation program that drives and coordinates the CCD.


The collaboration of the university community completes the contribution provided by the institution. The combination of all these donations makes it possible to carry out the solidarity initiatives that appear in the UPC. In order to coordinate the active and effective participation of the university community of the 0,7% Campaign, a system that facilitates the donations was established.


  • Voluntary donations of students when they make their registration of about 5 €, which is approximately the 0,7% of the registration cost. In the moment of summiting the registration, choosing the option YES of the box that contains the logo of the 0,7% sí campaign.
  • Donations of the staff of the UPC (academic, and services and administration) can make donations by the option to dedicate the 0,7% of their salary or by yearly or monthly contributions. In order to join the campaign the staff only has to fulfill the form and send it by internal post to the address: Servei de Personal. Edifici Vèrtex. 3a. planta. Campus Nord.

The Campaign also includes donations from: 

  • Center of Technology Transfer (CTT) which donates the 0,7% of the incomes obtained by the UPC through educational cooperation agreements, as well as services, courses and other programmes that it manages.


  • The "Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya", which determines its donation taking in consideration the resources obtained through its programmes and permanent formation activities.


Apart of the evident objective of achieving the maximum funding, the 0,7% campaign tries to achieve the maximum complicity among the several university bodies so the project becomes a project of all the persons that shape the UPC. The resources obtained through the campaign, once they have been distributed by the call for cooperation proposals for grants, contribute improving the quality, the impact and the quantity of actions collaborating with diverse entities of the South The UPC contributes with its dedication and knowledge through initiatives for raising awareness, formation, research and technology transfer.


The campaign is involved in the diverse initiatives to raise awareness that each year take place during the academic period within the UPC, and it increases its activity during the registration periods when the material for specific support for the different sections of academic management of the structural units and the locations where the online registration can be carried out, is edited. We try to make as visible as possible the 0,7%Campaign in the UPC website, the "Informacions" magazine and in the different faculties' websites of the university.