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Cooperation groups in the UPC

The Students Association of Technical Mining engineering, Industrial engineering and telecommunications of Manresa for development is located in the School of Engineering of Manresa. It has as purpose to offer technical advice in developing countries in order to contribute to a better development of depressed areas, and to raise social awareness within the School of Engineering of Manresa through the projects in which they participate.
The academic program Agriculture for Development aims to involve professors and students on cooperation for development activities; but also, step by step, move towards the implementation of activities on Cooperation for development on ESAB's daily life.
Architects without borders is a student association carried out by architecture students of the School of Architecture of Barcelona (EPSEB) who with hope and willpower, encourage cooperation projects both in national and international level. The association is open to any person who wants to collaborate, although it is oriented mostly to Architecture Students that wants to participate in the projects.
The Univeristy Association Students for cooperation, is an association integrated by students whose objective is to promote technological cooperation in developing countries. In order to do so they carry out activities and projects, both on local and international level.
The UNESCO Chair: Visual Health and Development works with the aim to help the most underprivileged groups to access to a good visual assistance, through research, teaching, cooperation for development projects and activities that raise awareness.
The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability was created in 1996; it is located in the EET building in Terrassa. The main objective of the Chair is to become an interdisciplinary, critic, reflective, open and supportive space and to work on formation, research, cooperation and the spreading on sustainability, technology and humanism fields.
Equal Saree
Equal Saree promotes the use of architecture and urbanism as tools for social change, providing with a gender perspective more appropriate enviromnements for the development of women and of the Indian comunities.
Social Space and Formation on Architecture, is an architecture students, and young architects’ association that works on issues related to the social side of architecture. It aims to be an open space, where everybody interested on it, can express him or herself and propose new architecture approaches, from sustainability, cooperation, citizen participation, accessibility or other perspectives.
Mining for Development belongs to the School of Engineering of Manresa (EPSEM) with the aim to improve the labor conditions of people that work in mining all over the world.
Nil·la, Asociation of cooperation for human development, is an asociation of Architects and students of Architecture. It's main objective is the realization of cooperation projects in the field of architecture and rehabilitation
The Association for Cooperation ONGITS is integrated by the professor Allen Bateman Pinzón and different PHD candidates among them: Albert Herrero Casas and Anna Mujal i Colilles; who are working on hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, water and drainage.
Optics for World is composed by graduate optics, students and professors from the College of Optics and Optometry of Terrassa. The main objective is to carry out Cooperation for Development Projects refer to the Optic and Optometry fields, as well as to raise awareness and promote participation among the social sectors that OxO can arrive to; basically the EUOOT and the optic and optometry professionals.
Telecos without borders was created in 2003 by professors, students and staff from the Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering (EPSC), being aware of the problems that bring as a consequence the digital divide in developing countries.
Technology for Everybody is an association integrated by students, professors and staff from the Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering, and the Barcelona School of Informatics.
UPC India
Group of volunteers UPC India in the NGO Amics de Mumbai (Friends of Mumbai)
University without borders is an association that appears as consequence of the initiative of two architects and their implication with the subject: Housing and Cooperation, from the UPC's UNESCO Chair, that Barcelona School of architecture (ETSAB) offers.
WAFAE focuses its actions on the promotion of sociocultural and communitarian integration within different action fields, through education and training projects for the most vulnerable collectives; formation and integral education used as tools in order to promote local development in Morocco, carrying out cooperation for development projects.