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The Students Association of Technical Mining engineering, Industrial engineering and telecommunications of Manresa for development is located in the School of Engineering of Manresa. It has as purpose to offer technical advice in developing countries in order to contribute to a better development of depressed areas, and to raise social awareness within the School of Engineering of Manresa through the projects in which they participate.

On autumn semester the subject "Cooperació en països en desenvolupament" (Cooperation in developing Countries) taught by the professor Josep Font Soldevila is available as lliure elecció subject. The contents of the course are directly related to the projects done by the NGO AMIT in the Mining Triangle of Nicaragua, and the locations, surroundings and projects done.

Contact us


EPSEM Building

Av. Bases de Manresa, 61-73

08242 Manresa

Telephone: 93 877 72 00

e-mail: ong.amit@(