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Architects without borders is a student association carried out by architecture students of the School of Architecture of Barcelona (EPSEB) who with hope and willpower, encourage cooperation projects both in national and international level. The association is open to any person who wants to collaborate, although it is oriented mostly to Architecture Students that wants to participate in the projects.


Plan and develop all sorts of projects that stress on:

International Cooperation: cultural and educational projects: schools, Universities; health-care projects: hospitals, health centers; city planning: drinkable water distribution, sewer system, streets, asphalt, introduction of renewable energies,...

National Cooperation: renovation and restoration projects. It offers the possibility to develop a cooperation project that can be done as bachelor thesis. The group meets every week and gets organized on commissions.

Activities to raise awareness: presentations and expositions based on the experiences obtained taking part in cooperation projects.

Contact us

Arquitectes Tècnics Sense Fronteres (ATSF)
EPSEB, office 1st floor.
Doctor Marañón, 44-50

08028 Barcelona
Telephone: 93 401 10 51