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The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability was created in 1996; it is located in the EET building in Terrassa. The main objective of the Chair is to become an interdisciplinary, critic, reflective, open and supportive space and to work on formation, research, cooperation and the spreading on sustainability, technology and humanism fields.

The CUS main activities are:

The teaching contents offer are multidisciplinary, transverse, and related to social, economical and environmental impacts of technology. The main objective is to develop and give tools in order to promote sustainable development and give a more integrated formation.  Teaching activities includes bachelor subjects (1st and 2n cycle); PHD program Sustainability. Technology and Humanisms, Master Program on Sustainability and Master Program in Energy for Sustainable Development; specialized subjects and formation seminars.

Research: The research carried out by the UNESCO Sustainability Chair materializes through the UPC Research Group on Sustainability, Technology and Humanism.


Cooperation Area: it has as a main aim the execution of specific projects and the establishment of knowledge exchange and formation all around the world, focusing on countries in Latin America and Europe.

Observatory on Debt in Globalization.
The general objective is to promote the understanding about the causes and consequences of the debt associate problems, framing it within the current globalization process, and concretely, within the unequal and unfair economic and political relations that define it.

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