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Optics for World is composed by graduate optics, students and professors from the College of Optics and Optometry of Terrassa. The main objective is to carry out Cooperation for Development Projects refer to the Optic and Optometry fields, as well as to raise awareness and promote participation among the social sectors that OxO can arrive to; basically the EUOOT and the optic and optometry professionals.

Optics for World promotes the creation of visual attention centers and glasses assembly services that are able to respond to optic and optometric deficiencies of the population of the countries where they work.
OxO facilitates the access of the most disadvantaged population to optic and optometry services and provides formation to local professionals within the countries that work. During the last three years it has been working in Nicaragua supporting the National adult literacy Campaign, forming the teaching personal in order to detect  visual problems, donating glasses to the population that are not able to follow the literacy Campaign due to their visual problems, and offer optometric services where it was not possible before.

Working fields

  • Formation: Formation on Optic and Optometry to local professionals of the countries where OxO works. Cooperation formation for the students and former students of the EUOOT.
  • Raise of awareness: Promote the participation and the raise of awareness of the optic and optometric existing differences between different countries around the world, which makes necessary to establish interventions and cooperation between social organizations both from here and the countries that OxO works in.
  • Cooperation: establishment of projects promoted by local actors, with high quality and that sustain the test of time and promote visual health to the most underprivileged population. OxO participates in the Network, Nicaragua free of illiteracy.

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Optics for
College of Optics and Optometry of Terrassa

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