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Telecos without borders was created in 2003 by professors, students and staff from the Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering (EPSC), being aware of the problems that bring as a consequence the digital divide in developing countries.

TSF is an association that has as aim to mitigate the lack of access to Information and communication technologies (ITs) in certain areas, caused by their economic, political and social en environment, and the difficulties on investing in these kinds of equipments. The priority projects focus on education and health, considering them as basic for society development, assuming that they have a direct effect on the youngest social strata. TSF has also as an objective to work raising awareness within our country about the problem explained. 


Although the organization is integrated within the university frame, its activities are independent to it. The work done by the students volunteering, writing their bachelor thesis and other projects is complemented by the work that professors and former students carry out, linking their professional life to the development of projects in order to obtain the best output from the available resources. The different working groups  and areas and projects of TSF have regular meetings in order to apply decentralized work and networking.


In order to carry out all these projects, TSF has economic support from diverse organisms for development projects. It is necessary to stress the contribution of two of these organisms: Centre de Cooperació per al Desenvolupament (CCD), and the company Abertis Telecom which contributes by funding and equipment, as well as formation and support for the telecommunication equipment. For the planning and execution of the projects, TSF has always considers necessary and essential the participation of a local counterpart; which complement out technical capacities with deep knowledge and presence within the action areas.  


Since TSF was established, the working strategy has been to focus the energies and resources on a small amount of projects, in order to guarantee an adequate and efficient management. Doing this we ensure the success and correct development of the diverse phases of the project, optimizing the available resources. Concretely two Bachelor Thesis focused their research and action on two projects located in the Peruvian Amazonia, in the South Atlantic region of Nicaragua, the projects focused on the need of access to ITs in order to improve the education, in the first project, and the health, in the second project.


Summarizing, the project "Aula Global" was developed between 2003 and 2006 within the Peruvian Amazonia. It consisted in the installation of 12 personal computers and equipment for satellite internet connection, in order to offer formation on new technologies and computing in Iquitos and Requena from Catalonia. The project was carried out with the help of the local counterpart, Insituto Superior Pedagógico Público Fray Florencio Pascual Alegre. Some other objectives of the project were the formation of professionals on maintenance tasks and use of the computers and diverse office automation tools. Among the different actuations, ten members of TSF traveled to the area were the projects were carried out. 

The second project was carried out in Atlantic area of Nicaragua. Since 2006 to the present date, TSF has worked on two phases divided in three actions.  First of all TSF collaborated on the configuration of the “Plan de telecomunicaciones para la región del Kukra River” in the Autonomous region of the South Atlantic Nicaragua, with the Catalan NGO Desos Opció Solidària. This phase focused on the improvement of the communications of the Puesto de Salud (health point) within the community of Aurora, establishing direct communication, using telephone and videoconference through radio connection, with only one hospital in the region, located in the capital, Bluefields, at 6 hours sailing through the river. This first phase was completed with two actions between 2006 and 2008 in which seven students, professors and engineers participated.


At the moment we are involved in the second phase of the project with the name “Sistema de Telemedicina Atlántico Sur”, working in direct collaboration with the Ministry of health of Nicaragua, and the Regional Hospital Ernesto Sequeira of Bluefields. At the beginning of 2009, four members of TSF (two students and two engineeers) went to Bluefields in order carry out the first action of this second phase, including periods of between 2 weeks and 6 months, being possible for first time in the history of the NGO, to have a permanent person in order to monitor the continuity of the project. Once the urgent need of improving the communication between the different Puestos de Salud of the region, and the Hospital of Bluefields has been identified, the present phase focuses on obtaining the necessary infrastructure in order to make the hospital able to efficiently manage each of the different Puestos de Salud. The creation of a cabling infrastructure within the hospital, it has to be added the obtaining of divers computers, their installation and the formation on “Care2X” specialized in medical management.


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