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Technology for Everybody is an association integrated by students, professors and staff from the Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering, and the Barcelona School of Informatics.

The objectives of the association Technology for everybody are:  to raise awareness within the university community on the social and environmental compromise, and cooperation for human development aspects; contribute through IT to improve the conditions of the underprivileged sectors; and promote the social and environmental responsibility within the university.

Working fields

  • Support and carrying out of cooperation for development projects and Bachelor Thesis about IT.
  • Workshop Reutilitza-TIC (Re-use of UPC computer material).
  • Raise awareness and voluntary activities with social impact through elective subjects.
  • Research on IT in order to achieve social and environmental justice, and definitely sustainability.

Participation in elective subjects:

  • APC (FIB): workshop Reutilitza (re-use) + works done about EWASTE, Green PC, etc.
  • ILSLS (FIB): workshop Reutilitza.
  • PI3M (FIB): Talks to raise awareness.
  • Basic services and Local Development in Cooperation contexts (ETSECCPB): The students review and critically analyze the project on IT that TxT carried out.
  • Dialogues and Sustainability (between different UPC Schools): We directly participated with contents and teaching.

Raise awareness during the academic year:

  • STEP 2015 students (participation in the process during the whole year)
  • Workshop Reutilitza (May and November).


  • EWASTE: Analysis of the problems and its causes.
  • Reuse of computer material: Research on methods and techniques in order to decrease its production.
  • IT and indigenous languages recovery.
  • IT and Human Rights.
  • IT and Sustainable Human Development.
  • Others being defined at the moment.

Collaboration with different agents within the UPC:

  • FIB: Barcelona School of Informatics.
  • CCD: Co-responsible of the Reutilitza Program.
  • UPCNET: Through the volunteer work that some of UPCNET do, participating in projects promoted by TxT (Bolivia and Mozambique).
  • UNESCO Sustainability Chair: research on EWASTE.

Cooperation for Development projects:
support and carrying out of projects related to informatics in different countries like Nepal, Bolivia, Guatemala...

Contact us

Technology for everybody (TxT)

c/ Jordi Girona Salgado, 1-3

Campus nord – Building B6

08034 Barcelona

Telephone: 93 401 41 36

e-mail: (general information) (participation) (material donations)