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University without borders is an association that appears as consequence of the initiative of two architects and their implication with the subject: Housing and Cooperation, from the UPC's UNESCO Chair, that Barcelona School of architecture (ETSAB) offers.

The subject "housing and cooperation", subject that brought as a consequences the creation of the association “University without borders”, focus on the social side of architecture, specially stressing on accessibility, sustainability and cooperation.


In order to apply all the knowledge obtained, the project "Education for cooperation" was started, with the support (since 2000) of the UPC Center of Cooperation for Development (CCD). This project, which has focused on the construction of schools and some other educational infrastructures in Chiquitania (Bolivia), kept as center the education as the driving force for development. Around the project a widely divers range of offers has been set up, in which professors and students from different disciplines bring their technical and professional knowledge.


Apart of the activities and projects and the formation programs that are somehow linked with UsF (elective subjects: "Housing and Cooperation" 1st semester, and "Low cost technologies for Cooperation" 2nd semester, both offered in ETSAB), spreading activities and activities to raise awareness are carried out.

Contact us


Sandra Bestraten

Department of Architectural Design


Av. Diagonal, 649, 5th Floor

08028 Barcelona



Emili Hormías

EPSEB, Building P

Department of Architectural Technology II
Av. Doctor Marañón, 44-50

08028 Barcelona





Telephone: 93 263 79 24