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WAFAE focuses its actions on the promotion of sociocultural and communitarian integration within different action fields, through education and training projects for the most vulnerable collectives; formation and integral education used as tools in order to promote local development in Morocco, carrying out cooperation for development projects.


The association WAFAE works on:

  • Promotion of Human Rights: in favor of a democratic citizenship and a strong associative network.
  • Promotion of gender equity.
  • Promotion of sustainable Development.

These objectives are transverse and are integrated as much as possible in the different actions and projects carried out by the WAFAE association, both in the North and the South.


Working fields

The projects that are currently being carried out by WAFAE can be divided in three types:

  • Social Action, working on intercultural, migration, gender, youth, volunteering and education for development fields. The projects are promoted from different WAFAE Centers, or different locations, such as schools, institutes or universities.
  • Raising Awareness, both in Spain and Morocco, stressing on WAFAE working fields: Education, intercultural activities, cooperation for development.
  • International Cooperation, carried out in Tanger (North of Morocco) with the association ALAMAL with the aim to promote Cultural and social Development.

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Association WAFAE

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