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PhD Thesis

PhD Thesis published in the Barcelonatech about science and technology for development
Methodology of design of appropriate machines for contexts of developing communities
Authr: Maria Elena Blanco Romero - 26th July 2018 - Directors: Laia Ferrer Martí and Carles Riba Romeva. PhD Programme on Sustainability
Geochemical and Metallogenic Model of the Santa Fe Sn-Zn-Pb-Ag-(In) Deposit in the Central Andean Tin Belt.
Autora: Maria Abigail Jiménez Franco - 5 d'octubre de 2017 - Directors de tesi: Pura Alfonso Abella / Carles Canet Miquel. Programa de doctorat: Recursos Naturals i Medi Ambient
Access to Energy for Sustainable Human Development. Project analysis with renewable energy and communal management models in rural areas.
Author: Pau Lillo Rodrigo - 8 july 2016 -
Design metodology for autonomous electrification systems for rural communities
Author: Bruno Domènech Léga. June 2013
Regional Sustainability Model. System Dynamics to face poverty in South America
Author: Luciano Gallón Londoño - February 2012
Indicators for sustainability public policy management for megacities: case study for Bogotá, Madrid, Mexico DF and Sao Paulo
Author: Liliana Marcela Navarrete Peñuela. Novembre 2010
Methodology for time analysis to evaluate water scarcity according to demand and ofert. Case Study: the countries in the Guinea Gulf
Author: Beatriz Escribano Rodriguez de Robes. July 2010
Individual-based modeling of Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte infection in in vitro cultures
Author: Jordi Ferrer Savall June 2010
Conceptual and metodological proposal for the analysis, design and planification for urban landscape sustainability in half mountain Andes cities: experimentation in Manizales, Colombia
Author: Adriana Gomez Alzate. June 2010
Key challenges in the governance of rural water supply: lessons learnt from Tanzania
Author: Alejandro Jiménez - May 2010
Modeling of Social Networks of communication for rural development in marginalized zones in Latin America
Author: Juan Felipe Nuñez Espinoza. June 2008
Human development assessment through the human-scale development approach: integrating different perspectives in the contribution to a sustainable human development theory.
Author: Ivonne Cecilia Cruz Barreiro. Novembre 2006