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Research groups

Groups in the UPC - research in science and technology for development
Research at the UPC is organized in Research Groups, formed by multidisciplinar teams of researchers. Some of these groups, such as GRECDH, have as their explicit objective the work for development. But in other cases, research for development is included in one of the worklines of groups that don't specifically focus on this issues.


The Research Group on Cooperation for Human Development (GRECDH) is a   multidisciplinary research group created by a resolution of the Consell de Govern of the UPC in February 2006. It is formed by researchers coming from very different knowledge areas but with common objectives with respect to the research applied to the Cooperation and the Human Development.

GRECDH aims to overcome some major barriers encountered in the research applied to the Cooperation and Human Development fields

  • by strengthening the connection between development actors and research centers,
  • by generating a multidisciplinary approach of the research,
  • ensuring the incorporation of young researchers, and
  • by looking for specific financial resources.

GRECDH members participate in research programs and projects, mainly in the following areas:Water and SanitationSustainable EnergyUrban Services, and Development Economics, collaborating with a wide range of groups, mainly: universities, public research organizations, NGOs, local organizations and companies.

Other research groups

(*) Groups aknowledged by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Governement)