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Previous editions

2014: 4th edition of the Emprèn UPC Competition

On the fourth edition of the competition 90 projects were submitted. Winners:

  • Krimtrack: private security model automated by means of a surveillance system. This system is based on a security device that allows coordinating people and data at three different levels: management, coordination and communication, so that it improves security administration.
  • Puralga: exploitation of environmental residues, based on a biopolymer and algal biomass from purines and carbon dioxide, to reuse them on the manufacturing of cosmetic products and water treating
  • TransferKey: technological solution development, aimed at improving the vehicle reparation franchise network (Core Market). This will allow that the vehicle repair shops know the vehicle’s state by means of the key.
  • ZOE (KIC InnoEnergy secondary award): intelligent multiple socket, composed of three sockets and a USB port, which, once installed on the wall, transmits information about the energy consumption of the house.


2013: 3rd edition of the Emprèn UPC Competition

On the third edition of the competition 70 projects were submitted. Winners:

  • GreenFish: innovative technique that integrates aquatic production and no-ground vegetable farming (hydroponics).
  • X-treme eye: low-cost self-sufficient flying vehicle, with the purpose of filming impressive sports scenes.
  • Keepme: network optimisation by getting rid of all the non-visitable contents to make effective searches.
  • Waste Heat Smartly (KIC InnoEnergy secondary award):  Saving up petrol by using thermos-acoustic engineering on vehicles.

2012: 2nd edition of the Emprèn UPC Competition

On the second edition of the competition 85 projects were submitted. Winners:

  • Breast Test: Kit for premature self-diagnosis of breast cancer.
  • Vidian: Tool capable of analysing a video flow and automatically extract information about it from the image.
  • HUI (Holophonic User Interface):  Computer solution that implements a navigation paradigm based on a holophonic sound (sound representation of graphic information) generator.

2011: 1st edition of the Emprèn UPC Competition

On this first edition of the competition 61 projects were submitted. Winners:

  • DressMe: Service that allows visualizing (by means of a screen) the effect of virtually trying on different pieces of clothing.
  • Boat KERS: technological design that hopes to incorporate KERS technology to regatta sailboats. KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) recovers a moving vehicle’s kinetic energy.
  • Intelligent tyre: automobile tyre pressure maintenance device.