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Entrepreneurship Space Programme

The entrepreneurs with business ideas will have at their disposition the co-working space, to develop their idea until it becomes an entrepreneurial project. The participants will receive personal advice and tutoring for:

Analysing the viability of the entrepreneurial project/idea:

  • Viability from a business point of view: business model, size of the market (what needs it meets, its distinguishing features, protection of the technology, etc.), its introduction to the market, finances… + feedback from the first users/clients.
  • Technical viability: enhance technological development, product/beta testing…

Develop entrepreneurial skills:

  • Ability to negotiate and persuade.
  • Communication skills and ability to present the project to potential investors.

Every project will work on a roadmap to enable them to go from the business idea to the business constitution and activity.

Every participant of the program will be granted technical support and access keys to use the online tool that Barcelona Activa has for making business models.
In addition, they will have the possibility have access to the different services and programmes that Barcelona Activa promotes, like data and telematics services, business training programmes, finance research, networking activities to encourage synergies and the realisation of joint projects, etc.