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Our History

The origins of Atraura date back to September 2013 when its three founding associates, Albert Castellana, Ivan Payan and Josep Cugat, decided to start a joint project with the purpose of creating projects that could give rise to new online products and services.

The first project Atraura had was Game Discovery, app that each week recommended a game with a special offer for Android.

Atraura was constituted on the 1st of January 2014 with the arrival of our first client, Dinube, platform that allows cell-phone payment in shops.

From that day on, the projects haven’t ceased arriving and as of now, we are working with prestigious companies, such as the Creu Blanca clinic.


Our Vision

All of us in Atraura pursue the same objective. We aim to CREATE, create as in developing all those projects/ideas that we have in mind. This is a long term goal, as we know that funding is essenti

al to be able to create, funding that we get from our development and consulting work.

We work with the Lean methodology in order to improve our knowledge and be more effective professionally and personally. We consider being of a very high importance the values that we transmit. We like to uphold values of friendship, teamwork, leadership and transparency, since each of these values is essential for our gears to work correctly.