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Picto Connection


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Picto Connection is an intelligent communication software, specially manufactured for people that as a consequence of a neurological disorder, an illness or an accident are not able to communicate or cannot do so effectively.

This revolutionary software starts off by doing a neuropsychological analysis of the patient through some questions that can be answered by his parents, his teacher or his therapist. From this analysis, a communication tool is automatically generated in function of the user’s pathology and needs. This tool doesn’t only take into account if the patient has, for example, autism, cerebral palsy or has suffered an ictus, but also every additional need that each of this problems triggers: visual deficiency, epilepsy, low cognitive level, anacusis, hyperacusis…

At the moment, this tool has 5 levels of difficulty; every level offers a communication panel with a configurable and customisable template. The Picto Connection team offers a template with a methodological proposal, but also allowing the user to customise the tool at his will, enabling him to uploading and capturing images, recording voice, uploading songs and integrating all these to the user panel.

The tool disposes of a collaborative gallery where all the content and materials, created by the parents or professionals, can be made public. It’s a collaborative network that will benefit families and professionals in the creation and customisation of the tool and in the work with the patient.

Professionals, schools, day-centres or other organisations can manage faster and in only one tool a great number of users, at the same time, they can also communicate with the family and other professionals through the tool.

This project was created by the young entrepreneur Meritxell Molina (@meritxellmolina) in collaboration with a group of Informatics’ Engineers. This project has been constituted as a company with the help of Incubio(@incubio), an incubator located in Barcelona and run by Simón Lee and Andrés Manso. This is not the first social project that Meritxell Molina has created, when she was 20 years old she founded an association for people with autism in the Castelló province, which has been rewarded  by different institutions, like the Telefonica Foundation or the Youth Action Net. Picto Connection(@pictoconnection) has been rewarded by the Vodafone Foundation, by the “Talento Joven” contest organized at the Valencian Community by Bankia and Levante and was declared the 9th best world application at the WSA-Mobile contest of the UN.


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