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Proteus Intelligent Security is a start-up dedicated to the study of security from a technological innovation point of view. Our mission is to give a quality vision of security problems, physical and informatics-wise, that allows for insurance and protection of our clients’ most sensible elements.

We believe in a three-point approach:

  • Information: Gathering quality data allows for generation of knowledge to deal with an organisation’ challenges.
  • Communication: It is useless to produce information if it is not intelligibly transferred and always available. We work side by side with our clients.
  • Time: The efficacy of an answer in front of a contingency is directly related with the reaction time. We use predictive assistance via machine learning with the aim of devising multiple solutions for a single problem and being ahead of the events.




Our area of work in consultancy includes the following services:

  • Design of security plans for businesses
  • Analysis and design of human security solutions
  • Elaboration of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)


Our area of work in Krimtrack includes the following services:

  • Licence for the coordination system of security bodies
  • Technical support


The percentage of assumable demarcation is one of the elements to take into account when assessing the profitability of a business.

The security relative to the retail and wholesale business is the result of an amalgam of external and internal factors, whose higher responsible is the person who wishes to protect his products. The insurance companies don’t cover the losses caused by robberies, unless those are bigger than a specific economic amount and it can be proved the loss suffered by the business.

We have developed our own work methodology focused on providing results that protect our clients’ interests and reduce the loss risk and the real demarcation on commercial environments.

Contact information

    Phone: 628801873

    Campus Nord, edificio C6, C/Jordi Girona Salgado, 08034 Barcelona