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Puralga has developed a revolutionary system in order to obtain high value products from environmental waste like CO2 and water containing nitrates and phosphates.

The system is based on a mixed cultivation of bacteria and micro-seaweed that results highly efficient, thanks to the synergy that is generated between them. The proposed system is doubly innovating. Through a unique growth medium, the seaweed and the bacteria working jointly, make the system more compact and more energetically efficient, incrementing between 3 and 4 times (12g/l·day of biomass) the synthesis of bioproduct in relation to other similar processes.

What’s more, it solves the problem of the harvesting of the microalgae in the media. Thanks to the flocculent properties of the product segregated by the bacteria, the microalgae are agglutinated and they can be easily harvested (over 20% reduction of the picking costs).