Bachelor’s degree in Geological and Environmental Engineering


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ECTS credits: 240
Taught at
: Barcelona School of Civil Engineering, ETSEECPB (Barcelona) and University of Barcelona (UB)

This interuniversity bachelor's degree integrates the principles of the geological sciences with analysis and engineering techniques to provide reliable and sustainable solutions that are tailored to the needs of society. You will acquire the knowledge to assess and manage natural resources and environmental protection and to solve practical problems in the construction of infrastructure by applying sustainable engineering principles.

Students on this bachelor's degree, which is taught at the UPC's Barcelona School of Civil Engineering and the University of Barcelona's Faculty of Earth Sciences, must spend a period at a university abroad during the course of the degree.

Professional opportunities

Graduates' employment prospects are related to construction, the environment, natural resources, natural hazards and instrumentation in all sectors in which geological and environmental engineering are applicable:

  • Construction companies, consulting firms and laboratories.
  • Environmental companies.
  • Oil and gas industry. Prospecting and characterisation of natural resources (oil, gas, minerals, raw materials).
  • Instrumentation and control companies.
  • Administrations.
  • Geological services.
  • Research centres.

This bachelor's degree officially qualifies you for practice as a technical mining engineer in Spain.