Stage 0

Criteria applied during Stage 0 (preparing for ending the lockdown)

  • General activities continue to be carried out online.
  • Only critical services are functioning.
  • Any time spent at facilities must be strictly necessary.
  • Entry to buildings is restricted and must be authorised beforehand.
  • Teaching is carried out online.


Face-to-face activities

In general, all of the UPC's activities are being carried out remotely. The need for face-to-face activities is reserved for critical services and these activities must last only as long as is strictly necessary. Activities by persons who are not UPC employees are not authorised.


Restricted to authorised persons. Information on exceptional and essential access.

Teaching activities in the classroom


Further information

Check on ATENEA.

Face-to-face exams

Not authorised.

Teaching practicals in laboratories

Not authorised.

Research activities

Only those that are considered critical. Only full-time, permanent teaching and research staff have access.

Further information

Access to carry out this kind of activity must be approved by the academic unit and authorised by the general manager by delegation.

Outdoor field activities

Not permitted in general, although they may be authorised if they are considered critical.

Research activities with other organisations

Not authorised

Libraries and study rooms


Further information

Consult your library's online services

Classrooms and seminars


Emprén facilities and associations


Common areas (dining rooms)


Shared-use equipment (vending machines, drinking fountains, etc.)

Not in use.




Only toilets located on ground floors are open.

General registry (Vèrtex building)


Further information

Check the opening hours.

Electoral processes


Selection processes


Further information

Selection processes have been suspended. In exceptional cases in which recruitment is indispensable, research support staff and research staff may be recruited remotely.

Incorporation of new staff

Only research and research support staff, depending on the needs of the principal investigator.

Tendering and purchasing processes