Stage 1 from 18 May all UPC campuses

Criteria applied during Stage 1 (certain face-to-face activities)

  • Activities continue to be carried out remotely in general terms, and access is restricted and must be requested beforehand.
  • Some research activities and scientific and technical services are gradually reinstated with restrictions on access and capacity.
  • Protection equipment is distributed at the Punts nets in buildings.
  • Outdoor field activities may be carried out under social distancing conditions
  • General registry with restricted opening hours.
  • The computation of administrative deadline is resumed (from June 1)


Face-to-face activities

Activities continue to be carried out REMOTELY. Only those employees providing essential services (research support, reception, ICT, libraries, etc.) may be present. Activities by persons who are not UPC employees are not authorised.


Restricted to authorised persons.

Teaching activities in the classroom


Further information

Check on ATENEA.

Face-to-face exams

Not authorised.

Teaching practicals in laboratories

Not authorised.

Research activities

Gradual reopening of low-occupancy laboratories. Access is restricted to staff who have a full-time contract with the UPC.


evita aglomeracionsmascaretaLow-occupancy laboratories with a limit on the number of people.
<3 people at a time and an average of 15 m2 per person.
Face masks obligatory.

Outdoor field activities

Activities related to research and particularly to agriculture, the environment and infrastructure are permitted.


dos metresmascaretaSocial distancing measures must be ensured.
Face masks obligatory.

Research activities with other organisations

Subject to coordination with the other organisation.

Libraries and study rooms

Closed. Exceptionally loans that must be done face to face.

Further information

Consult your library's online services

Classrooms and seminars


Emprén facilities and associations


Common areas (dining rooms)


Shared-use equipment (vending machines, drinking fountains, etc.)

Not in use.




Only on ground floors. In tall buildings, the toilets that are open are on alternate floors.

General registry (Vèrtex building)

Face-to-face closed.

Further information

Check the opening hours.

Electoral processes


Selection processes


Further information

Selection processes have been suspended. In exceptional cases in which recruitment is indispensable, research support staff and research staff may be recruited remotely.

Incorporation of new staff

Only research and research support staff, depending on the needs of the principal investigator.

Tendering and purchasing processes