Campus of Excellence

The UPC, an International Campus of Excellence

The UPC is an International Campus of Excellence with two projects: the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC) and the Energy Campus. Through these projects, it promotes employability, social cohesion and regional economic development. It interacts with research centres, science and technology parks, businesses and other agents as a hub for attracting talent in emerging research areas. In addition, through its four UNESCO Chairs, the UPC contributes to the exchange of knowledge and fosters cooperation.


Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC)

The BKC is already the main driver of the scientific, social and business activity in the area in which it is located, and is a pole of attraction for international talent. On this campus the University of Barcelona (UB) and the UPC collaborate on innovation and sustainable development projects.


Energy Campus

Energy Campus is aimed at leading the transformation of the energy sector with clear local impact and wide international recognition. In this campus, knowledge and technology will generate innovation for a more sustainable economy, and it will become a reference in the field of governance and social responsibility.



The UPC is the headquarters of four UNESCO Chairs that, through knowledge and research, create poles of excellence and innovation at a regional and local level. Their objective is to consolidate networks and alliances that strengthen international cooperation between higher education institutions and society.