Unite! University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering

Unite! is an alliance of universities in seven European countries, leaders in technology and engineering, which will set a new model for a European virtual and physical inter-university campus in the following years. Unite! will connect engineering, science and technology with the grand challenges of society in an ambitious exercise in which all partner Universities are participating. The alliance will become a tool to transform European higher education, by boosting the economic and research activities, fostering innovation and knowledge transfer within the multicultural and multilingual ecosystems of each region.

Unite! connects different European regions from an academic and scientific perspective that favours the growth of new innovation and entrepreneurship systems. Together, the seven Unite! Universities articulate the talent of a vast community of more than 167.000 students and 37.000 annual graduates.

 Unite!'s partner Universities are cooperating in more than 80 EU projects, but its relationship is founded on decades of close collaboration through the CLUSTER network, which gathers leading technological universities.

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  Main channels

The UPC coordinates two key areas of the alliance's actions: regional involvement and innovation, and the communication of the project. Regional Involvement and Innovation is one of the strategic lines of the Unite! alliance. The UPC is coordinating the creation of an open-innovation ecosystem that will provide the ideal environment to strenghthen the knowledge transfer between the academia and the industry.

The UPC is also coordinating the communication, dissemination and sustainability of Unite!. The aim is to allow Unite! to have a transformative impact in the European higher-education landscape of the 21st Century.