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Civil Protection Financial Instrument

The call for proposals for Civil Protection Mechanism Exercises 2013 refers to action 2.1.2 of the Work Programme 2013 and aims to support exercises simulating the situation and conditions of major emergencies (due to natural and man-made disasters). It requires the activation of the European Civil Protection Mechanism and the involvement of Participating States with deployment of intervention teams (including modules), teams of experts, national key contact point staff, officials of the Institutions and other intervention support.

The exercise aims to:
(a) Improving the response capacity and providing the necessary practice of the teams meeting the criteria for participation in civil protection assistance interventions;
(b) Improving and verifying the procedures and establishing a common language for the coordination of civil protection assistance interventions and reducing the response time in major emergencies;
(c) Enhancing operational cooperation between the civil protection services of the participating States;
(d) Sharing lessons learned.