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Tackling Societal Challenges

PILAR 3 Horizon 2020 reflects the policy priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy and addresses major concerns shared by citizens in Europe and elsewhere. A challenge-based approach will bring together resources and knowledge across different fields, technologies and disciplines, including social sciences and the humanities. This will cover activities from research to market with a new focus on innovation-related activities, such as piloting, demonstration, test-beds, and support for public procurement and market uptake. It will include establishing links with the activities of the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP).

Funding will be focussed on the following challenges:

  • Health, demographic change and wellbeing;
  • Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research, and the bio-economy;
  • Secure, clean and efficient energy;
  • Smart, green and integrated transport;
  • Inclusive, innovative and secure societies;
  • Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials.


The UPC European Projects Unit has recently ellaborated a document which aim is to is to serve as a summary of the ICT for societal challenges new trends. The document includes helpful references to European iniciatives in the frame of the new Horizon2020 and it is accessible to UPC Community.