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Workshop SC6

Workshop SC6

Coming on February, 12th and 13th, 2018. A workshop on how to prepare proposals for the 2018 Societal Challenge 6: Europe in a changing world - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies of the Horizon 2020 Programme will be held, with the participation of the NCP for this sub-programme Ms. Rocío Castrillo.

It is intended for all those who are preparing their proposals within this topic. Although priority will be given to the coordinators of spanish entities' projects. 

 Day 1: Simulation  of proposals evaluation. Maximum occupation: 20

 Day 2: Workshop for coordinators on how to prepare proposals: Maximum occupation: 40

You can participate both days by marking it on the inscription form

If you are a researcher at UPC and are planning to attend this external workshop. We kindly ask you to notify us at, our goal is to improve the coordination from the European Projects Office for instance in posterior workshops or other activities organized by us as well as informing you of new calls and funding opportunities

Incsription form (AGAUR)(obriu en una finestra nova)


Workshop agenda




Pg. Lluis Companys, 23

08010 Barcelona

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