The PABRE tools

The PABRE system is composed of fourth subsystems: PABRE-MAN, PABRE-PROJ, PABRE-WS and PABRE-RW.

PABRE-MAN is a tool that can be used by the requirement manager of the catalogue to maintain and evolve the software requirement patterns (SRP) catalogue. Its main functionalities are: patterns management, browsing, importation/exportation, printing and catalogue evolution. The current version is a desktoop tool that connects to the database catalogue to manage the PABRE SRP catalogue.

PABRE-PROJ is a tool that can be used by requirements analysts during the elicitation of requirements in a software development project, use of external software components, or acquisition of software systems. Its main functionalities are: project management, browsing, importation/exportation, requirements management document generation, or call for tenders document generation and patterns use statistics exportation. Currently, there is also a web version of this tool, in a way that requirements analysts can access and edit software requirements projects from everywhere. 

PABRE-RW is an editor to write down the requitements specifications of a software system with the help of a catalogue of SRP. Currently the catalogue that can be used is the PABRE SRP catalogue. The requirements specification may start from a blank document or from a requirements specification template. This tool is a lightweight tool regarding PABRE-Proj, and it can also be used by a requirements analyst during the elicitation of requirements in a software project, but it gives more freedom to the analysits in writing the requirements, and formating the specification document.

PABRE-WS is a web service that provides access to the patterns catalogue. The idea is to allow existent requirement management tools to access the catalogue and support the implementation of new functionalities to use the patterns during requirements elicitation and documentation.

Below we include a screenshot of the PABRE-PROJ tool. At the left there is the patterns window. At the right there is the project window. On both windows it is used the same classification schema for classifying the patterns and the requirements respectively. The idea is that requirements in a project may come from the application of a pattern, or may be related or associated to a pattern, or may be new requirements that are not related with any pattern. The pattern catalogue may evolve by analyzing the projects information and statistics. Patterns that are never used may be considered to be removed from the catalogue. Associated patterns can be promoted as new patterns. And new requirements that are not related with any pattern, can be considered to be converted to new patterns.

PABRE Presentation.

Video describing the use of PABRE-PROJ during elicitation.