"our mission is to improve the recycling and waste management habits of your neighbourhood"

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ecoCity is an app that monitors and scores the recycling and waste management habits of your neighbourhood and establishes a set of goals in order to improve your recycling practices as well as reducing the amount of waste generated.

ecoCity uses sensors of smart cities through the iCity platform. Currently, only some neighbourhoods in Barcelona are supported. You can check if your neighbourhood is supported by the infrastructure clicking here.

"Easy and fast configuration. For real"

The first time you run ecoCity, the app will ask you to choose the set of containers that you usually use in your neighbourhood and would like to monitor.

When you select your containers, the app will fetch the historical data of them and automatically start monitoring it using the iCity platform. No more configuration required, ecoCity is already running to boost your recycling and waste management habits!

"Everything at one click"

The home screen allows you to access to the different functionalities of ecoCity in just a one click, in a very simple, but yet accesible manner, you may go to:

  • Statistics: to display all the monitored information.
  • Notifications: to see notifications of achievements, goals, etc.
  • Report a problem: to report an issue of a container.
  • Settings: to change your configuration.

"Now you know everything you should know"

You can view and track the waste management habits in your neighbourhood. You can get daily and weekly averages of each type of container (waste, paper, glass, plastic and organic). With all these information, you will be able to identify how good you and your neighbourhood is doing (e.g. " " ).

You can view also the historic data to see the progress. Remember, every small improvement is a major victory!

"Good to see your neighbourhood is doing great!"

ecoCity will notify you the goals and achievements of your neighbourhood. Notifications will inform you on what you should improve, or how good your neighbourhood have been doing.

Goals are focused on reducing the total amount of waste generated, and at the same time, improving the percentage of waste that goes to recycling containers. Remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

"Direct communication: reporting has never been easier!”"

You can easily report a problem when there is an issue in one of the containers. Just select which container (e.g. your paper container), the type of problem (e.g. container broken, already full, or other problems). And optionally some description. Your report will be sent immediately to the city council!

"Change your settings, whenever you want"

If you move to another neighbourhood, will stay for some months somewhere else, or now just prefer to user another set of containers… You can change your settings as easily as in the set up. Select your containers, and the app will fetch the historical data of them and automatically start monitoring it using the iCity platform.

App design and implementation:
Lino Valdivia
Original idea and App specification:
Marc Oriol
Under the supervision of:
Xavier Franch and Jordi Marco

Web design: Marc Oriol
Background picture: Luis Hernandez (Creative commons CC BY 2.0))