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iStarML resources

Name: Reference guide
Description: A quick introduction and reference guide to the i* Mark-up Language
Uploaded: 21/12/2010

Description: Java package for the i* Mark-up Language
Authors: Carlos Cares, Daniel Colomer
Uploaded: 21/12/2010

Tutorial: Download
Java package (v0.6): Download
Java package (v0.7): Download [recommended]
Name: iStarML Schematron Specification
Description: -
Uploaded: 21/12/2010

Name: iStarML Document Type Definition (DTD)
Description: This DTD only allows rejecting some iStarML files, but it does not allow verifing attribute dependencies which are part of iStarML specification (DTD technology is unable to do that)
Uploaded: 21/12/2010

Resource: Interoperability experiment
Description: The inputs and outputs of an interoperability experiment using iStarML between HiME and jUCMNav
Uploaded: -


Tool support

Resource: jUCMNav Plugin
Description: iStarML Import/Export plugin for jUCMNav 4.2.1 or higher
Author: Daniel Colomer
Uploaded: 24/02/2011


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