11th Workshop on 

    Requirements Engineering 

WER 2008 

                                                                                     September 12-13, 2008   

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain  





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General Information

The eleventh Workshop on Requirements Engineering (WER’08), continued with the tradition of previous editions, providing an open and active forum for researchers and practitioners of the iberoamerican community, to present and discuss their work, to exchange experiences and to look for prospective collaborations in the field of requirements engineering.

WER’08 was held in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, in September 12 to 13 of 2008.
The international program committee, from 8 different countries, was composed of 35 relevant researchers coming both from the academia and the industry. 30 papers were received; 3 reviews where completed for each paper, 16 were accepted as full papers and 4 as short papers.

The selected papers covered the main activities of requirements engineering.
Presentations were organized in six sessions, distributed during the two days of the workshop. The topics of the sessions included elicitation, analysis, traceability and modeling of requirements, as well as process, quality and reuse. The program included an opening session with a keynote by Roel Wieringa, entitled “Business-IT Alignment in Value Webs”.

We would like to thank all the individuals and institutions who have contributed to
make this workshop a reality: the authors who submitted papers; the keynote speaker for accepting our invitation; the program committee members for carefully reviewing the papers; the people that belong to the GESSI research group that have helped in the organization of the workshop; and the participants of the workshop that justify the celebration of the workshop yearly.

September 2008

Juan Pablo Carvallo
Lyrene Fernandes da Silva
Carme Quer

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Thank you to all the participants of this edition of the workshop!