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The dyeing and finishing of textiles has a significant impact on the environment, as it consumes large amounts of water, energy and chemicals. To minimize this impact, new biodegradable products are being developed, obtained from renewable, reusable and less toxic materials.

The textile industry must make a great effort in order to replace toxic products such as C8 fluorocarbons, phthalates, nonylphenols, etc. Despite the need to find less toxic alternative chemicals, we must be able to detect the presence of substances that are limited and/or prohibited by international regulations


Main lines of research

  • OECD tests on chemicals



  • Toxicity studies of chemical products
  • Determinations of biodegradability of chemicals
  • Determinations of DQO, NTK, and phosphorus chemicals.
  • Bacterial inhibition studies, incidence in the performance of EDAR.
  • Degradation and accumulation – Elimination